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BREAKING NEWS! Five Minute Mogul Launches!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Promoting your system

Promoting Your System

Suppose you get your free Five Minute Mogul System and your going to sit back and wait for checks to show up in the mail every month. That would be nice, do absolutely nothing for a system you got for free. In case you haven't seen this yet CLICK HERE

Complete the sign up form and in seconds you will recieve your free system in your email with all the steps you need to take to get started. I highly recommend you grab a cup of coffee and watch the introductary start up video by Kimball Roundy founder of the Five Minute Mogul. Not only an inspirational introduction but a complete synopsys of how the system works, how to get started, and most importantly what to expect.

Your getting a system that has been fine tuned to ensure that any of your progress is credited to you,
this is no get rich quick scam, there is work to do. If I told you ou were getting a free system that you don't have to do anything and the checks will roll in you would probably be scepticle right? Ofcourse, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

But what if you had the tools to literally have a turnkey online business that you could manage, promote, and grow on your own for as little as 5 minutes per day. The Five Minute Mogul is built to as a free system to do just that, give you the opportunity to open the doors to a new business and skys the limit!

What is nice about the system is not only are you given the system for free, but you are also getting frontline training on how to master and maximize your success with it. The system is a process, and with a little work it could very well exceed your expectations.

You might even have a little fun as the Five Minute Mogul is essentially setup as a gameboard, you have to watch the intro video after you get your system to see what I mean.

To recap your getting an already market tested system (set of instructions and tools to autopilot your business) for nothing so you have nothing to lose. Even if you are not business or tech savvy you could opt in to have Five Minute Mogul run on auto pilot for you and you do nothing, there is another system for that. You have to get this system to see just how easy it is, there is no software to download the system works in the cloud.

It's not a "free trial" where your credit card will ever be billed after a certain period, you don't even need one to sign up. It's not a "register now" scenario where there are hidden fees, its simply FREE! So what are you waiting for click here now:

Affiliate Marketing - The Hard Truth

Affiliate Marketing - The Hard Truth 

You have probably gotten an email from someone who claims to know you and even might know your first name that says they have a deal for you. Or how you just won $100 free credit at online casino, poker site or sportsbook. All you have to do is follow the link and play! Sounds great free money to gamble without spending a dime. What this really is is a free membership where they can harvest all your contact information in order to spam you with hundreds of promos and freebies.

What you might not know is as soon as you clicked on that link an affiliate who probably sent you the initial email is getting paid a commission. Or the will try to recruit you to send out the emails and pitch the marketing campaign to others, while getting a residual commission from you and your downline. A downline is the guy under you, the guy under him, the guy under him and so on. Whatever you spend at the casino or the sportsbook a % goes to the affiliate, and whoever you sign up under you also gets a cut. Pretty harmless way to make a few bucks if you are good at promoting links and referring friends to opt into these programs. But how hard is it actually to promote a link? Think about it if you start posting your affiliate link on our Facebook page or Twitter daily your friends and followers are going to know what you are up to, they may even find it annoying.

The point is its very tough to promote anything these days via social media for that reason, because everyone is doing it. Even large corporations are using Facebook and Twitter to push their products or propaganda. Lets say that angle is a flop, nobody is opting into or clicking your link. You could try to join a forum related to your affiliate topic, jump into a popular sports book and power post that affiliate link. Not so fast, these forums have moderators and your post and account will be deleted immediately, you could even be banned from the site! You could create a website and forward your link to a capture page for the affiliate program and drive traffic to it.

How hard is it to drive traffic to a new website no one has ever heard of? Try it and see. It could take weeks or months for your site to populate with popular search sites like Google, etc. I think your seeing my point. There are already established sites like Clickbank that allow you to add your link or referral business to their searchable databases, this could work. But then you have to hope for marketing affiliates to want to promote your link or business, that’s a whole other topic.

The premise of this blog spot is to show you that being an affiliate or link marketer is not easy. Thus there is a reason why so many fail at making any money, which then stirs emotional responses such as "this is a scam", "I was duped", "I wasted time for nothing".

The news is not all bad of course, there are many making very good fortunes in this business, you just have to have a system.

A system is a predefined set of instructions that automatically create passive residual streams of income.

My favorite and the most proven system I have found on the web no doubt is the Five Minute Mogul.

You can go to the following link to get it now:   CLICK HERE!

Be the first to "Tee Off" using the new free Five Minute Mogul System

The Five Minute Mogul system could very well be the most legitimate intuitive money making online business opportunity on the web today. What is all the hype about?

It's simple, using this prebuilt tested system you can generate many streams of income working only 5 minutes a day. Sounds scepticle, sounds like a SCAM, and certainly it can't be free right?

This was my first thought too, I used the now grandfathered Spiderweb Marketing System when it was the next big thing in affiliate marketing on the web. I came in rather late near the end of all the training videos and step by step webinars that were conducted. Had I only got in quicker and been the Brian Bear of Youtube. Brian was one of the first to sign up for the SWM system and post his videos on Youtube that went viral and generated mass leads for him. Which probably generated him many streams of passive residual income hes probably still collecting today!

This is why you have to "tee off" early, be the first to market with this incredible new system. Early bird gets the worm I believe is the saying? In order to maximize your success using the 5 Minute Mogul system you have to get started right away.

If you are good at networking, SEO, and social media marketing you have to get this system while it is still in its infant stage. You could easily build yourself a lucradive small business using the web and the tools provided by the Five Minute Mogul system.

So what are you wating for get your free system now:

Remember the Spider Web Marketing System?

A free system that promised to make you money while you did nothing?

Did it work? Well sort of..

You did have to refer others and drive traffic to various free affiliate programs on the web,
where you did have the option to opt in on the pay per upgrade of your account. So it wasn't
exactly FREE. The system delivered as promised as a free system and there was plenty of opportunity to make money without spending a dime. And if you did upgrade some of your programs at your own leisure there was even more opportunity to get more out of the system.

How it worked was you had a tree of referrals that if someone clicked on your referral link they would become a part of your "money tree". If they signed someone up under them they too would be a part of your money tree. And so on and so on. Commissions were even better for those in your affiliate tree who opted in on some of the programs to upgrade thier memberships.

As a free system it was engenious! People all around the world were making great money with the system, mostly the early adopters, the top of tree first "off the tee" sorta speak.

Some made money others did not. But like any affiliate system you have to put in some work in order to create conversions. Those who created blogs and promoted thier affiliate links, videos, blogs, were more successful than the late bloomers who signed up after the system was created. At that point the web was so saturated with blogs, referral links, videos all link to the Spider Web Marketing System of thousands if not 100s of thousands.

Using this model it was only a matter of time before another similar, BETTER system was launched
by the most innovative creator of affiliate marketing Kimball Roundy. Kimball created the most intuitive and successful affiliate passive income generating system ever to grace the web.

The success of this system has now spawned the next amazing new free lead generating system
where you can make up to 22 passive streams of residual income!

Now through an exclusive opportunity hes at it again with his new system Five Minute Mogul.

Fiveminutemogul is a new system similar to the Spiderweb System that he has fine tuned to offer 22 passive streams of residual income. You must watch this inspiring video by Kimball on how he came to create this incredible new system 5 Minute Mogul.

To answer the question is Five Minute Mogul a SCAM? No. But you do have to put in a few minutes each day to make it as successful as you can. Kimball has handed you a free sytem, its up to you to use the tools offered and skys the limit!

         Click here to watch this amazing inspirational
            video and sign up now:

Get your FREE system right now!

The possibilities are endless with the new Five Minute Mogul Sytem, don't take it from me search the web and see how many others have signed up and who are excited about being first "off the tee" and are already generating leads and making money while they sleep.